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The Alternative to Obamacare that Republicans Can’t Grasp.

November 19, 2013

The free market alternative to Obamacare is not being presented from the Republicans. Why? Because they are not for free markets and are too tied up in their political i.e. crony attitudes. Republicans support subsidies which are nothing more that wealth redistribution. Republicans won’t stand up to the Democrats on tax increases using it as a “bargaining” tool to get their preferences. Republicans have supported entitlements, government intervention in the economy, and all of the evils of anti-free market ideology. This is why the country recognizes we do not have a two party system but a one party system that vacillates with the political expedient. Will the Republican party change? Look at the reception of the Tea Party by the old guard Republicans. The Tea Party has never been totally a free market monument but it is further in that direction and it should be the direction the Republicans should recognize and accept. Why don’t they? They are too focused on gaining political power which they have no idea how it should be more limited than exercised. Additionally they are brain dead when they address individual rights. Making abortion an issue that erroneously identifies a fetus as a child is a step that endangers the individual rights of the pregnant woman. This is why the conservative wing of the Republican is a barnacle that creates a division that shouldn’t exist. The belief that all will be okay with what the Republicans do in an election. This is the old guard Republicans mantra. What is in the minds of the Republicans matters. They are the major party that can move in the direction of freedom and prosperity. But where are the Republican thinkers that know why capitalism is the only system that has sustainability. Where are the Republican thinkers that are challenging the mistaken premises of the old guard? The loudest Republican voices are conservatives which shows why they are on life support. Republicans without a clear ideology are second class politicians dodging and darting hopping to slow the direction of the Democrats who have an ideology that is wrong and destructive. The Republicans need to jump to the lead and change the direction of the misguided crowd. They can’t do that with the lack of intellectual ammunition they have in their cache. It isn’t the garnering of political office that will establish a Republican movement toward free market principles. It is a think tank of intellectuals that understand the morality of capitalism and drown out the babble of the same old messages that have only continued to confuse and distract from the truth.