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February 25, 2009

The government says,” It may have to nationalize the banks.”  The banks are usually a depository of assets that they loan a percentage of to earn money to stay in business.  Since the government has no depository of assets it can loan a percentage of they must think a huge national debt will be an adequate substitute.  But if this is true why not just declare all that is necessary to be bank is to have a lot of debt.  Now all who are in debt can declare themselves to be a bank and loan themselves money to alleviate their debts.  Think this won’t work?  Then what makes you think spending more will get the nation out of debt?  Wake up.


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February 5, 2009

The fact that all forms of government services are cutting back and/or charging higher fares as the country faces an economic meltdown shows how ineffectual government can be when trying to provide services that should be privately run.

As revenue slips private companies retrench but government doesn’t.  This attitude is only putting the country in greater financial distress. It would be a good time for a privatization movement which could unburden the government of what it cannot afford, initiate competition and the injection of profit making sound business principles.  

If people want to keep begging the government for money it doesn’t have to keep these quasi government businesses going and living by the rules the government attaches to the “loans”, they will have regressed into the feudal realms of antiquity and can no longer claim to contribute to the “home of the brave” in spirit.

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December 31, 2008

A question has arisen that needs an answer.  Money is being given to companies and organizations that is supposed to be coming from the taxpayers’ coffers.  But the taxpayers are losing jobs and the companies they are no longer employed by are being paid by the unemployed taxpayers ?  Who is getting the money from whom and how?  Since there is more debt than taxpayer revenues that means there is really nothing in the taxpayer till.  So whatever is being paid in taxes is really only paying a little on the principle and interest and not supplying any additional revenue for any bailouts.

This would indicate no one is looking at the big picture.  This would indicate the only option the government has is to further deceive the citizens into believing that what is really going on is somehow not going on. How long can that go on?  Not long.  What happens next?  The next major crisis is inflation.  You can bank on it.

Another New York Times Opinion Critique

December 7, 2008

Today the New York Times on their editorial page has an editorial entitled,”The Employment Crash” and in that editorial they say, “Members of Congress should be working now on another round of economic stimulus, consisting of bolstered unemployment compensation and food stamps and aid to states and localities, including money for creating jobs by rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.”  They don’t say where the money for all this “stimulus is to come from nor do they say how more deficit spending will affect the value of our money. This is simply one of thousands of poorly constructed arguments advocating the growth of government and the destruction of any remnants of a free economy.  A stimulus with paper dollars that are losing value moment by moment is nto the answer to anything.  It is only an invitation to hyperinflation and further economic deterioration.