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A question has arisen that needs an answer.  Money is being given to companies and organizations that is supposed to be coming from the taxpayers’ coffers.  But the taxpayers are losing jobs and the companies they are no longer employed by are being paid by the unemployed taxpayers ?  Who is getting the money from whom and how?  Since there is more debt than taxpayer revenues that means there is really nothing in the taxpayer till.  So whatever is being paid in taxes is really only paying a little on the principle and interest and not supplying any additional revenue for any bailouts.

This would indicate no one is looking at the big picture.  This would indicate the only option the government has is to further deceive the citizens into believing that what is really going on is somehow not going on. How long can that go on?  Not long.  What happens next?  The next major crisis is inflation.  You can bank on it.


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