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From the NY Times Editorials

November 19, 2008

Today the NY Times says, “Almost unnoticed in the election results was some very good news for the environment — and for land preservation in particular. Despite the financial crisis, voters made it clear that they want to increase spending on preserving open land, even at the cost of higher taxes.”

 And where will this stop?  The Federal Government and most state governments cannot afford to keep up the properties they have.  They buy with tax dollars then charge for use and still the condition deteriorates.  Letting the government and encouraging the government to own more and more what used to be private tax revenue generating land has but one end point.  In the near future private land will be obsolete or too expensive to acquire except by the government.  This affects agriculture , recreational usage, mineral extraction, grazing and a host of profit generation opportunities that provide goods and services.  This for a quarantined expanse of posted land by the government that produces nothing and cannot be developed and maintained.  

The argument for more government land acquisition is an argument for more government control and in essence more government.  The fact that such a movement is supported by the voters is proof the voters haven’t clue what too much government can do to individual rights, standards of living and national security.


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November 19, 2008

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